What is a Buyer Persona?

Not really sure what we’re talking about when we say “Buyer Persona”?  That’s OK.  “Buyer persona” is one of those inbound marketing buzzwords that sounds more complex than it really is.

A buyer persona is what inbound marketers create before they ever do any marketing work.  It’s a “character” of sorts, a loose sketch of your target customer.

For example, when we say someone is a “Debbie Downer” or a “Positive Polly”, we’re assigning them to a certain persona.  Good marketers do that, too.  If you’re a dentist, your ideal patient might be a “Clockwork Carrie”, a person who always shows up to her dental appointments right on time.  If you’re a manufacturer who markets to small businesses, your ideal buyer might be “Manager Macy”, who is careful with your requirements for how your product is displayed in the store.

Our internet marketing strategies always include working with you to create one or more buyer personas.  If you’re not already sure, we help you pinpoint what kinds of people you like to work with most.  Then we glean insights from you regarding their demographics, behavioral patterns, motivations, and goals.  After speaking with you, we verify all of this information through customer interviews.

Buyer personas are essential for successful marketing, both online and offline.  They provide an incredible amount of structure and insight for your company.  A well-crafted buyer persona is like a road map for determining where you should focus your time, as well as guiding product development.  A clear vision of the ideal customer also helps unite the individuals in your company to work towards the same goal.

In short, when you build a buyer persona, everything else falls into place!