What does it mean to be HubSpot Certified?

HubSpot is today’s most popular web marketing software platform.  The web-based software includes all the tools companies need to do inbound marketing, the most successful method of web marketing.  HubSpot’s capabilities include email, SEO, marketing automation, analytics and reports, social media publishing, and blogging.

The HubSpot certification includes an exam and practicum that covers seventeen training classes related to each of HubSpot’s primary features.  When someone becomes HubSpot certified, it means that they have been able to demonstrate a clear understanding of the inbound methodology as well as their ability to use the HubSpot software.

Highline Ideas is proud to be a HubSpot Certified Partner.  This means that we are authorized to sell the HubSpot tool as part of our web marketing packages.  We use HubSpot marketing internally and believe it is the single best asset modern-day web marketers can have!